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Progress & The Week Ahead:
This week we saw the successful installation of exterior
wall niches including stone granite niche fronts and wall
caps by Eickhof Columbaria. Taking all their tools,
supplies and equipment back with them we now
prepare for stonework to begin. Great progress also
continued at the Eickhoff fabrication facility as interior
niche components have been assembled and fitted
properly. At the same time this week we saw
Adirondack Stone Quarry cut and fabricate to size
beautiful stone granite for use at Holy Mount.
Preparation continues this week ahead to receive the
stone and begin the next phase of installation work.

  • Pictures from the Eickhoff facility taken today
    can be seen to the right. (04-02-2021)

  • Pictures from Adirondack Natural Stone in
    upstate NY can be seen below featuring cut
    stone Fabricated for Holy Mount. (04-02-2021)

  • Just a note to wish everyone a Blessed
    and Happy Easter!

The Week Ahead:
Great Progress continues as all Niche cabinets have
been laid out, anchored in place and fit for stone front
installations. The week ahead will see completion of the
stone caps, Caulking and demobilization as Eickhof
removes all tools and equipment from the site.

Off site at the Eickhof Fabrication Facility in Crookston,
MN. work continues on the interior Niche Cabinets in
preparation of our next delivery.

  • Wishing everyone a great week ahead!

The Week Ahead:
Photo to the right shows the last 2 remaining walls
nearing completion at the Eickhof production facility in
Crookston, MN 56716.
Also pictured to the right we see great progress being
made at Holy Mount Cemetery.
Planned Installation work continues on site. Installation
of Niches,Stone granite fascia's and stone caps will
continue on for the next two weeks.

  • Wishing everyone a great week ahead!

The Week Ahead:
"Trailer Loaded and ready to hit the road Monday!"
Fay - Eickhof

  • A great week planned ahead as Eickhof will be
    leaving Monday morning for the first installation.
    A Two Day road trip to us from their facility in
    Crookston, MN 56716. (Niches Have Arrived)

  • Happy St. Patrick's Day 2021!
  • The week ahead will see Niche layout in the field
    starting on Wednesday. (In Process)  Actual
    niche installation will continue on for the next two
    weeks until all caps are set.

  • Pictures to the right show the new Slate Roof as
    it nears completion today.  

  • Wishing everyone a great week ahead!

The Week Ahead:
Lots of progress, completion & success while
moving forward.

  • We have finished setting and crating the stone
    for walls “O” and “L”, with “N” and “M”.
  • Capstones have been processed with the
    clearance holes and are awaiting crating. Other
    Trim pieces have been checked and are staged
    for processing.
  • The Above update provided by Peter Tollefson |
    Chief Operating Officer - Eickhof Columbaria.

  • This week ahead will see a confirmed shipping
    date for planned Niche installations.
  • Moving forward this week we see the slate roof
    materials being delivered to the site.
  • Slate roof installation at the building will begin.

The Week Ahead:  Progress Continues!

Happy Friday!!  The first photo is a plan view that our
shop guys have given each niche wall and letter.  The
walls with just a check mark by them are shown in the
photos in different stages of completion.  Obviously,
the ones marked done are taken down, fronts crated
and are in the back ready to go on our truck.  The
walls remaining to be built are O, N, M & L.  Progress is
moving along nicely!!

Fay - Eickhof

The Week Ahead: Update
  • Great progress continues... Niche Fabrication
    moving along. Slate roofing materials on
    schedule for delivery.

Eickhof Columbaria
"I have attached 3 photos of niche cabinets with fronts
being installed.  We have even started to crate up a
couple of the completed walls shown in these photos to
make room for more cabinets to be set up.  Work is
progressing nicely."

Fay - Eickhof

And... "Here are a couple of photos of all the
capstones for this project."
(Pictured to the right)

The Week Ahead: Update
  • Progress will continue at Eickhoff's indoor facility
    where Niche Fronts arrived and fabrication

"The good news is that we received 1,000 – 12x12
niche fronts yesterday.  It was a total of 5 crates of
stone as the photos show above. In the second photo,
it is only the crate on the bottom that is for The Holy
Mount project.  It was about -20 degrees yesterday
when this load of stone came in.  The stone was so
cold that we couldn’t do anything with it yesterday. It is
interesting when it is this cold because as the stone
warms up, it actually forms a thin layer of ice on it.  
Since our shop works 4 – 10 hour days so they will be
processing all of these fronts on Monday.  The first
step is to get the crates all in one spot and open up
each one.  We then check the stone for size accuracy
and quality.  Once this is started and there are some
fronts checked in, we will get to slotting the back side
and attaching hardware.  I will take photos throughout
this next week so that you can see the different steps
of this process".
Fay - Eickhof

  • Stone veneer samples arrived at Sammarco
    Stone and nursery. Stone review In Pocess.

  • Exterior Doors - Final Order in process.

  • Paving materials - Order in Process.  

The Week Ahead:
A busy week with construction of 1,620 niches well
underway. Progress will continue this week ahead as
pre-assembly work continues.

At the same time in Whirehall NY. (1 ton) of specially
cut veneer stone has been quarried, fabricated and
palletized for shipment. Stone will be delivered and
mock up panels Will be constructed upon arrival.
  • Monday - 02-08-2021: Stone shipment is
    underway. "I wanted to let you know that a truck
    came today and your samples are on it.  The
    trucking company is HOPING to deliver to
    Sammarco, weather dependant" .- Adirondiack

Update on photos to the right.
"The first photo shows 2 more pallets of shelves
fabricated so we can build more sections.
(Click on
the picture for)
The second photo shows all of the
cabinets that are on benches and all the other cabinet
sections on the floor being built.  All of the cabinets
shown in this photo are for
The Holy Mount  project."
Fay - Eickhof

The Week Ahead:
Date: 01-29-2021 - Photos to the right show the
Eickhof warehouse with niche walls for Holy Mount
Cemetery that are fabricated & ready to receive stone
niche fronts.  This Monday will see 1,000ea.- 12x12
stone niche fronts completed and shipped to their
facility. The stone fronts will then be slotted, hardware
attached etc, so that Eickhof can set them on the walls
that are up.

"This week ahead will also see more fabrication of
shelving and stiles. We will be putting more niche
cabinet sections together so we are ahead with niche
cabinets when the fronts arrive." Fay - Eickhof
(Continues in Process)

Other Items:
  • Follow up continues with Veneer Stone supplier.
    Arrangements are underway to have actual
    stone material shipped to the site for mock up
    sample panels. (In process)
  • Terrace Paving proposal has been updated and
    remains under budget.  
  • HVAC - Scope & Proposal currently under review.

The Week Ahead:
  • Carpentry work will continue with framing of the
    parapet walls and installation of exterior trim as
    weather allows. (Complete)
  • Electric Utility work underway with permit
    approved and utility pole placement in process.
  • Roof area will be covered for temporary
    protection during winter storm. (Complete)

The week ahead:
Moving forward
  • Carpentry - Framing work will begin and continue
    for the next week.
  • Roofing will be scheduled. (In Process)
  • Exterior doors will be ordered. (In Process)
  • Windows will be reviewed.(In Process)
  • Have a great week!

  • Tarps installed for weather protection.
  • Framing Materials delivered.
  • Site review and layout with Carpenter. Framing
    work will begin Monday.

  • Framing materials order: Complete, scheduled
    for delivery.

The Week Ahead:
  • Cold weather protection tarps will be installed
    over foundation and walkways. This will protect
    from snow buildup and allow for easy access to
    top of walls when niches are ready for

  • Wood framing materials will be reviewed and
    delivered to the site this week In preparation of
    exterior walls of building to begin.

  • Progress and scheduling continues with Eickhof
    columbarium at their facility in Minnesota.

  • Backfill and interior grades complete.

  • Concrete Slab Poured today. All concrete work
  • HVAC - Review in process.
  • Exterior Doors - Review in process.
  • Site Drainage - inspection scheduled for today
    with Town Engineer & Bibbo associates.  
    (Inspection passed) Complete.  

  • Framing Material orders in process.
  • Drainage Work continues.
  • Slab will be poured tomorrow. (Thursday)

  • Slab prep Complete.
  • Drainage pipe installation continues.
  • Building Department was informed that drainage
    work was continuing  Bibbo Associates will be
    has been and  will continue to view the
    installation for compliance.

Happy New Year!

  • The week ahead will see slab preparation and
  • Drainage pipe and catchbasin work will continue.
  • Backfilling and installation of drainage materials
    inside the terrace will continue.

  • Concrete Slab / pre work continues.

  • Concrete Contractor continues with Slab & wall
    preperation at the new building.

  • Site protected with insulation blankets.
  • Concrete Slab Preperation will continue on
  • Merry Christmas!

  • Installation of rigid insulation, Backfill with Stone
    and compaction procedures complete for the
    Building Foundation.
  • Moving forward. Rain scheduled for Tomorrow
    will wash away remaining snow within the terrace.
    Immediately following the rain we will install
    insulation blankets on ground within the terrace
    area. On Monday, Concrete contractor will return
    to form and prepare the building Floor Slab.

  • Snow removal.

  • Monday - Concrete form work will be stripped
    and removed from site this week. Ground area
    will be protected for planned backfill and
    drainage activities.
  • Merry Christmas - 2020

  • Foundation work continues with removal of
    bracing and general clean up. Additional
    blankets will be brought on site to protect
    existing ground conditions. Striping of forms will
    take place on Monday and Tuesday.

  • Foundation walls poured - Pump truck. Complete
  • Blankets provided for winter protection.

  • Foundation Walls Inspected by the Building
    Department. (passed Inspection)

  • Brick shelf installation Continues. Preparation for
    Foundation Wall inspection continues.
  • Inspection and Actual pour will be adjusted as
    winter storm approaches.

  • Brick Shelf - elevations reviewed on site. JPL
    Adjustments made based on existing conditions.

  • Form Installation begins and will continue
    through Friday. Inspection Monday. Pour
    Tuesday. (Pending Weather)

  • 1st. Load of concrete Forms will be delivered
    today. Tomorrow the 2nd. load of forms will be
    delivered and crews will begin installation of
    those forms.

This next Monday and the week ahead will see:
  • Foundation walls formed.
  • Brick shelf formed.
  • Steel reinforcement installed.
  • Town Inspection prior to pour.
  • Window & Door Review will begin for ordering.
  • Other long lead items like Gates will also begin.  

  • Surveyor on site. Building located on footings.

  • Forms Stripped. Ready for survey tomorrow.

  • Building Department - Footing Inspection passed.
  • Surveyor - Confirmed for Thursday morning.
  • Concrete Pump truck on site and footings

The week ahead:
  • Town Required Footing inspection scheduled for
    Monday.(Heavy Rain Delay)
  • Concrete Footings will be poured either on
    Monday or on Wednesday. Depending on Time
    of inspection approval.
  • This week will see the forms stripped.
  • The surveyor will return to mark corner
    placement for foundation wall forms.

  • Concrete Footing work continues with form
    installation and installation of steel reinforcement.
  • JPL Architects - Site visit to view progress and
    existing conditions.

Happy Thanksgiving!

  • The week ahead will see footing forms installed.
    Steel rebar reinforcement installed.
  • The Town is scheduled for Footing Inspection
    prior to pour.(Inspection scheduled for Monday
  • Happy Thanksgiving on Thursday!
  • Surveyor will be scheduled to return and locate/
    Pin actual wall corners on the new footings.

  • Foundation Layout Begins.
  • Footing inspection has been called in for
    Tuesday afternoon. (Weather permitting) Pour
    on Wednesday.

  • Excavation Work complete.
  • Concrete Footing Form work will begin this week.

  • Ground Breaking Ceremony. 1:00PM
  • Excavation and removal of soils continues.

  • Site Drainage work continues.
  • Man hole set.
  • Level Spreader Installed and complete.
  • Cultec chambers installed.

Veterans Day - 2020
  • Trades are off today as required by Town and
    permit restriction.
  • Ground breaking - Rescheduled - Rain Date -
    Monday 1:00pm.
  • Dig Safe - site cleared.

  • The week ahead: Monday - Drainage spillway will
    be fabricated on site.
  • Tuesday - Link Surveyors will be on site location
    drainage and building setbacks.
  • Excavation for Drainage will continue for
    remainder of the week.
  • Ground-breaking pictures scheduled for
    Thursday at 1:00pm

  • Storage building demo and removal will be
    competed. Site protection fencing will be

  • Port-o-San delivered.

  • Moving forward: This Tuesday. (Link Land
    surveyors) is scheduled to mark out the new
    drainage system and locate the new building
    corners as required. Excavation for drainage
    work will begin this next Wednesday.

  • Dig safe NY notified again with Scope on
    Drainage work. - DSNY Confirmation of Ticket

  • Demo and removal of the storage building will
    take place today.

  • Side protection measures begin.
  • Storage building emptied.
  • Permit, signage and safety measures posted.
  • Port-o-san scheduled for delivery.
  • Pictures for marketing material to be provided.

  • Site - 10:00am: Rob Sherwood - RLA. (Will view and
    mark existing trees for removal). (Complete)
  • Site - Excavation Equipment will be delivered today.
  • Link - Land Surveyor Proposal - Bench Marks and
    survey corners needed next week.

  • 11:00am CM Meeting - Budget Review


  • Model Delivered to the New Parish Center.

  • Update provided: Asbestos Sample testing
    proposal forwarded for review.

  • Plan Comments #2 addressed with plan copies
    delivered to the Building Department for final

  • HAPPY 4th. Of July! 2020!

  • Meeting scheduled with Town Building
    department for Monday 2:30pm to review

  • Town consultant reply #2 with a few additional
    questions. Items for review.

  • Formal Submittal made to the Town with Check and
    letter from the Parish about use of storage building.

  • Formal reply to the Town consultant delivered to the
    Parish for review.

  • Draft reply and notes in response delivered for review.

  • Feedback and comments from the Town Consultant
    are now under review.

  • Building Plans - submitted to Building department for
    initial review and comment.

  • Town of Eastchester Building Department remains
    "Open" with certain safety restrictions.
Building & Planning Department NOTICE 03-23-2020

Moving forward:
  • Confirmation on Niche Supplier will be made.
  • With that confirmation, Architectural & Structural  
    Plans will be completed in preparation of Building
    Department Submittal.
  • Safety Policy: Safety Action Plan

Finance Council Meeting:

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